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I am a 52 years old bisexual single woman living in Vancouver, Washington

I love sex! wild, naughty, twisted, and plain ole down-n-dirty sex butt only when it is ALL ABOUT ME

i think about sex all the time always looking around for hidden knooks n crannys. the kind of places that r out n public yet hidden or visually blockt n someway. the kind of place where people can still see us and yet never know that ur hand is actually; up my top or down my shorts...... i love 2 walk n hike & explore and be explored ... i love places n nature that supply big boulders n large tree trunks summer is over ..... so now what ???? i dont believe n 'happy ever after' .... i do want 2 date.... i like 2 fool around ... maybe i want a monday guy n a tuesday guy, a wednesday guy n a thursday guy????? 1 can teach me bowling, another golfing..... maybe 1 who likes dancing, or 1 who likes movies...... i am wild, active, n attractive what day of the week do u want n what do u want 2 do b4 we have lusty sex???

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