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I am a 71 years old straight single man living in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Are you looking for a mature loving man to share time, activities, and loving? Message me.

I'm fairly well traveled-- forty states and five countries. I'm philosophical, spiritual, a good cook, intelligent, and learning to be more sensitive to a woman's needs. I'm the touchy feely guy you've always wanted. I snuggle, nuzzle, hug, neck, kiss, caress, hold, nibble, tickle, and do everything I can to make you happy. I like quiet and solitude with easy music in the background. I watch an assortment of TV shows, seldom the ones which are the rage of the moment. I'm 5-feet-eleven-inches tall and weigh 299.5 lbs, having lost 20 pounds in six weeks. I am not a Christian and can't be converted. I've just finished a novel that has been accepted by a literary agency and which I'm awaiting news on. I'm lonely and looking for a good woman.

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