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I am a 52 years old bisexual single woman living in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Wanting to expand my horizon's Dom & Sub, Sex toys I am a novice

I am 46, 5ft 6 and weigh 130 pounds my bra size is 36 C cup, I am told that I am attractive. I do not live in Halifax, however I am willing to come to Halifax. I would like to meet a man or couple around my age, who are experienced and enjoy a woman who is submissive to his or their needs and desirers. I like to play out fantasy; I am not experienced but would consider all possible scenarios. I have one on going bi-sexual relationship, at 36 I was seduce by a much younger and beautiful woman who was a member of my staff, she now lives o/s, she fell in love, I enjoyed our love making however I am not interested in a relationship. I recently ended a relationship with a somewhat younger man; which is the catalyst for this journey, we played on the fringes of DOM & SUB he taught me to be sexually submissive to him; he tells me I am extremely talented at oral sex, deep throat seems to not be a problem, he has a 10-inch cock, until then I had always refused oral sex with a man. After a period of time he was able to fully fist fuck me, having a small tight pussy from not having had children or a lot of sex in my lifetime, there was some pain attached to this experience, however I always came and enjoyed the feeling of being dominated. I have decided I would still like to follow though with a fantasy this would include him and another man, he is not bi, my role is giving pleasure and being submissive to both men. I am down to earth, happy, very open and honest, I am serious with no interest in games, simply put I want to explore life a bit before I find myself in another committed relationship where this life style may not be an option. You also need to know before making contact that my life partner of sevens years, 10 years ago gave me herpes virus, which in under control, I take a one a day valtrax. I have been tested for all other diseases and am I completely safe.

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